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Mrs. Lisa Gemma Homework

     6th Grade Language Arts     

Friday, November 15th

6C & 6E:  Among the Hidden literary analysis
revisions ~ due Friday, 11/22

Feel free to revise / redo / rework any writing pieces
that received less than an "A" grade
(for a better understanding of author's purpose - and a better grade cheeky).

All revisions must be submitted as a hard copy with the original. 


Mrs. Scivetti


Homework the week of 11/11/2019


 "WONDER" novel unit

Students are to complete the novel at home

Students are to answer the questions in the packet for each chapter.  

This is due Monday

There will be a quiz on the reading.

Vocab - Students are writing an informative paragraph 







Mrs. Karen Flaherty Homework

Week of November 11, 2019  🦃

Monday:  Page 279 Odd problems only.

Tuesday:   Page 279-280 even problems only. Test on Friday.

Wednesday: No homework. Test on Friday for all classes.

Thursday: Pages 293-296. Problems: 1, 3, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 16, 19, 20. Test tomorrow!

Friday: No homework! 😜

If you forget your textbook, the homework pages can be found on the textbook online.

"It's not what you know. It's what you can prove." - Training Day

Ms. Ennis Homework

Science Homework 

Week of November 11th:

5th Grade

*Always review what we learned in class daily!*  

Monday: no hw

Tuesday: no hw

Wednesday: page 110-111 #s 3,4,5

Thursday: Finish Worksheet

Friday: no hw

6th Grade

*Always review what we learned in class daily!*  

Monday: no hw

Tuesday: finish summary on google docs

Wednesday: lesson 1 vocab - due Friday

Thursday: lesson 1 vocab - due tomorrow 

Friday: no hw



Mrs. Kozas Homework

If a specific homework assignment IS NOT given, then each student should be reviewing the current chapter we are studying and the vocabulary words.  Vocabulary quizzes are NOT announced but will be given within five (5) days of receiving the new chapter's words.

FYI - Study Guides will be optional for 6th grade ONLY starting the third marking period. If a student completes a study guide, he/she can correct it with me during recess or reinforcement period.  Study Guides will be made available to ALL students in my classroom and online
November 11, 2019
Fifth Grade - Ch.6 vocabulary including Pilgrims-p.73 and Mayflower-p.77..
Sixth Grade - Study for tomorrow's Ch 5 vocab quiz.






Spanish Homework

Spanish Class Homework

Mrs. Stacey Klesitz Homework

Click Here For Mrs. Klesitz's Homework

Mr. Cocca

Quiz on Monday, 11/18 on Chapters 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3.  Use your study guides for practice.  I will be available for extra help on Friday after school.


3.1:  Exponents

3.2:  Factorization, Greatest Common Factor (GCF) and Least Common Multiple (LCM)

3.3:  Order of Operations


Thursday, November 14:

6G:  HW 3.4:  1-12 (all), 17, 18

6C & 6E:  No homework

Wednesday, November 13:

6C:  HW 3.3:  1-7 (all), 13

6E & 6G:  No Homework


Monday, November 12:

All classes:

HW 3.3:  1-7 (all), 13


Tuesday, November 5th:

6G:  HW 3.2 Problems:  1-12 (all), 14, 17, 18

6C & 6E:  No Homework


Amy Fudala Homework


Victoria Gaffney Homework

6th Grade:  

Classwork: the students will define stress and learn strategies to handle stress. 

No homework

7th Grade: 
Classwork:  Students defined self-concept and why a positive self-concept is so important for their mental health
Due 11/25-Lesson 5 page 5 in the DARE homework book