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Welcome to my webpage. My extra help hours are on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 7:20 - 7:40 in room 12. Feel free to contact me at


Welcome to the web pages for K - 5 computer classes. The computer lab is located in room 12. We currently have 24 networked iMac computers. If you have questions or concerns you can Email me at

Extra HelpTechnology extra help is available before school on Monday and Wednesday from 7:17 - 7:37. Please let me know the day before you need to see me so I am in my room when you arrive and I don't keep you waiting.

HandoutsIf you would like a copy of handouts that the students are using for current class projects click on the "Document Manager" link. You can also find a copy of the student acceptable use policy there.

Class RulesMy class rules are easy to follow. Be respectful of others, listen when directions are given, do your best work, use "indoor" voices when talking, sit in your assigned seat - no "wandering" around the room. Most of all, enjoy learning about computer skills!




Throughout the year all of the students have created spectacular projects; they continually amaze me with their creative abilities. Their keyboarding skills have gotten stronger and the majority of students have met or exceeded the end of year keyboarding goals!

I would like to wish everyone a relaxing and enjoyable summer.

See you in September!!