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Additional Policies

Preparation Materials: Students are expected to come daily to class with pencils, their enVisionmath2.0 workbook, a calculator, a math notebook section, and a highlighter.


Classroom Expectations:

🔹    Follow directions the first time they are given.

🔹    Treat each person in this school with respect and dignity.

🔹    Follow all procedures and policies as outlined in the school’s handbook.



🔹    1st: Warning

🔹    2nd: Detention & Documentation (TAR)

🔹    3rd: Disciplinary Referral (Blue Slip) & Parental Contact


Virtual Learning:

🔹    Attendance: Unless reporting absent to the main office, punctual attendance to daily class sessions via Zoom is mandatory with camera and microphone access. Students who are absent are responsible for making up missed notes, missed homework, and missed assessments (to be scheduled and completed within 1 week of return). 


🔹    Assignments: Homework assignments for the week will be posted on my Google Classroom. Students may access these assignments by clicking on the pdf file or by logging into Savvas Realize (see below). Whether on-site or off-site, students are expected to complete these assignments on a daily basis.


🔹    Extra Help: Extra help sessions will occur via Zoom after school on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM. I may be available other days/times for extra help, but prefer by appointment. Otherwise, my email is the best way to reach me for questions.


Savvas (Pearson) Realize: Online portal found at Here, students have access to the textbook, assignments, and other resources.  


Login: Your email address (Ex: 

Password: falcon123

Grading Policy:

55%    Primary Assessments (Unit Tests, Project Based Assessments, and the Final Exam)

Tests: Single-page, multi-page, written and electronic response assessments which cover a portion or a full unit’s objectives using multiple choice, multiple response, short answer, and open-ended questions. Chapter tests will each occur once approximately every month.


Project Based Assessments: Rubric-graded performance tasks consistent with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Mathematics. Google apps will often play an important role in these assessments.


Final Exam: Cumulative, multi-page assessment which covers the curriculum for 7th grade math using multiple choice, short answer, and open-ended questions.

30%    Secondary Assessments (Section Quizzes, and Project Based Assessments)

Mid-Topic Assessment: Single-page written response assessments which cover multiple objectives for a unit using multiple choice and short answer questions.  Section quizzes will occur approximately once per week.

15%     Supportive Assessments (Homework, and Participation)

Homework: Assigned questions consisting of problems from the textbook or from worksheets consistent with the unit’s objectives.  Scoring for each assignment is based on an “attempt all (100%) or nothing (0%)” completion policy.  

  • An attempt is when students form answers or questions in response to all problems.  Each response should be adequate evidence that the problem was read and stimulated thought.

Students may make corrections on the following assessments for extra credit towards their current Marking Period average. Students have unlimited attempts to submit these corrections, but they must be fully complete and correct for students to receive the additional credit. 

  1. Students may make up any missing or incomplete homework assignment for half-credit.

  2. For any grade below 60%, corrections will restore that grade to a minimum of 60%.

  3. Occasionally, students who score below 100% on tests will receive an opportunity to make corrections to recover a portion of credit, dependent upon the class average.