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“The world doesn’t care what you know. What the world
cares about is what you do with what you know.” - Tony Wagner 

Extra Help Hours:

7:17 - 7:37am Tuesday & Wednesday

In order to make the best use of our extra help time, students should come prepared with the question or topic they need clarified.

Classroom notes can be found in this Google Drive Folder.

Homework Policy:

Homework is assigned Monday-Friday. Friday homework will be consistent with the rest of the week's homework- no more, no less.  Homework will be checked 3-4 times a week but will not be announced.  

You can receive up to 2 points per checked homework assignment: 2 points if work is completed (work shown and strategies tried for problems you don't understand will be accepted), 1 point if work is late, 0 points if problems are not attempted or homework is not turned in.  Points will be totaled at the end of each semester and will count as a quiz grade. 

If you do not understand the first few problems for homework, go to the next section of the worksheet. Often there are different kinds of problems that you can try.  Come in for extra help in the morning if homework is a problem and I will work with you.

Grading Policy:

Grades will be calculated using a total points system. Every test, quiz, project, classwork assignment, and homework assignment will be given a set number of points.  Tests will be about 100 points each, quizzes will range from 25-50 points, classwork will be about 10 points per assignment, and homework will be worth 2 points each.  (Homework will total to about 50 points each semester.)

Your grades will come in the form of fractions. The numerator will represent the points you earned on an assignment. The denominator will represent the number of points possible.  To figure out the percentage of each assignment, divide the numerator by the denominator. For example, if you received a 49/50 on a quiz, your grade is 98%.  If you received a 40/50, your grade is 80%. You can figure out your grade in class at any time by adding up the total points earned and dividing by the total points possible. The most points the assignment is worth, the more it will affect your final grade.

Each semester there will be around 500 points total.  Grades can be checked in Genesis at any time. Please allow a week after an assignment or test is given to see the grade on Genesis. There will be no extra credit assignments given to earn more points. It is expected that students will do their best work in class to earn as many points possible. If you have any questions about grading, please contact me.


Look at how math is used at Pixar to create animation! This is more complex than 5th grade math, but one day you'll learn the math mentioned in the video and then this could be you! (This video came from YouTube and is safe to watch, but have your parents watch with you anyway. They will enjoy the math too!)