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Welcome to 7th and 8th grade Social Studies!
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Contact information:
Phone:  973-334-4162 ext. 234
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Rules and Procedures 
Procedures are visibly posted in the classroom by the front board.  Students should enter the room and follow the posted procedures.  There will always be a "Do Now" on the smart board for students to begin working on the moment they enter the classroom.  The most important rule when entering the classroom is:  Respect.  For an optimal learning environment, students need to show respect to the teacher, each other, and themselves.  All other class rules (raising your hand, keeping your hands to yourself, etc) point back to being respectful.  
What is your grading policy? 
All grades in history are based on a point value.  Most homework is worth 5-10 points each while quizzes are worth 100 points.  Major tests, writing assignments, projects and notebook checks are worth double (200 points).  Any other assignments will be worth between 5-100 points based on the specific assignment.  At the end of the marking period all the grades will be added up and averaged to determine the marking period grade.
Help Hours
I am available for extra help Tuesday mornings (7:17 - 7:37) and Thursday mornings (7:17 - 7:37).  Students can receive help outside of these times, but should always contact me first for availability.