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Welcome to Mrs. Kozas' Webpage
I can be reached at 973-334-4162 ext: 232 or at Mkozas@BTRVS.ORG.
How can I help my students read and understand Social Studies?
1. Activate prior knowledge
2. Develop vocabulary
3. Take notes
4. Summarize
1. Show respect to your classmates and teachers.
2. Raise your hand to be called on.
3. Listen when someone is talking.
4. Missed work because of band lessons is due the next day.
GRADING POLICY - Tests - 40%, Quizzes - 25% - worksheets, Classwork - 25%, Homework - 10%

HELP PERIOD - Extra help is available Monday and Thursday mornings from 7:17 to 7:37 am .  
**In order to make the best use of our extra help periods, please come prepared with a specific question or topic that you are looking to clarify.**
Homework will vary from day to day. However, it is due the next school day unless otherwise indicated. You will earn 5 points.  If it is not turned in on time, a zero will be placed in my grade book and will remain there until the assignment is turned in. If returned the next day, 4 points will be given.  After that, depending on how late, 1-3 points will be given if turned in by the end of the marking period. Zero if never turned in.