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Music-making is still happening at RVS! 

Sign Up for BAND!!!!

Music is always the answer!

I am so excited to work with the RVS students and expand their musical minds

Please see the tabs to the left or below for additional information concerning the band and lesson schedules.  Practicing at home improves skills and retention, so when we play together we sound SUPERIOR. The 4th grade musicians should practice for 10 minutes two or three times each week.  The 5th through 8th grade musicians, should practice15 to 25 minutes two or three times a week.  This helps us to progress on the harder musical selections.  Putting the time in is worth it.   Superior is our goal!

Click the link below to see how playing an instrument is beneficial to the brain.

No other subject connects the right and left side of the brain as well as our physical and mental capabilities as BAND!