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Kirsten Allen 1st Grade Ext. 214 web page
Megan  Ambrose K-4 Resource Ext. 220 web page
Sara Bartel Vocal Music Ext. 233 web page
Alyssa Berner 1st Grade  Ext. 216 web page
Patricia Borden Classroom Aide    
Dr. Gabriela Brown School Psychologist  Ext. 211 web page
Thomas Carvagno 5th/6th Grade Science Ext. 229 web page
James Cocca Algebra, Apex Geometry Ext. 243 web page
Marie Collinson 5th/6th Grade Science Ext 229 web page
Nicole Covart Instrumental Music Ext 235 web page
Olivia  Cuozzo 3rd Grade Ext. 221 web page
Linda DeVries Classroom Aide    
Craig Ellard PE/Health Ext. 341 web page
Kelly Ennis 3rd Grade Ext. 201 web page
Ninetta Esposito 4th Grade Ext. 225 web page
Karen Flaherty 5th Grade Mathematics Ext. 228 web page
Nicole Formato Preschool Ext. 309 web page
Deanna Fox Librarian/Media Specialist Ext. 206 web page
Millicent Freeman 4th/5th/6th Grade Spanish Ext. 226 web page
Amy Fudala PE/Health Ext. 342 web page
Eve Fusco Art Ext. 238 web page
Victoria  Gaffney PE/Health Ext. 242 web page
Lisa Gemma 6th Grade Language Arts Ext. 227 web page
Cira Giarratano School Social Worker/Guidance Ext. 239 web page
Evelyn Gonzales Classroom Aide    
Diana Hayes Speech Ext. 215 web page
Beverly  Johnson Computers, Extended Instructional Support Ext. 212 web page
Stacey Klesitz 5th/6th Resource Room Ext. 202 web page
Marie Kozas 5th/6th Social Studies Ext. 230 web page
Joanne Kuhl Kindergarten Ext. 213 web page
April Lehman 7th Grade Language Arts Ext. 247 web page
Patricia  Link GT / Technology Ext. 204 web page
Diane Lorber Special Education Ext. 217 web page
Julie Luongo Classroom Aide    
Samantha Martino Reading Specialist Ext. 302 web page
Kim McNall Classroom Aide    
Krista Mennella 4th Grade (for Mrs. Salmon) Ext. 223 web page
Susan Meyers Classroom Aide    
Denise Miller Classroom Aide    
Kellie Milos 7th Grade Resource (on leave) Ext. 218 web page
Bryan Monaco 7th Grade Mathematics Ext. 246 web page
Tammy Mongon 8th Grade Language Arts Ext. 245 web page
Debra Neretich School Nurse Ext. 361 web page
Debbi O'Connor 7th/8th Grade Science Ext. 244 web page
Jennifer Quinn Classroom Aide    
Pamela Reitter Preschool Ext. 209 web page
Kim Richardson 2nd Grade Ext. 205 web page
Traci Rutt Classroom Aide    
Michelle Salmon 4th Grade (on leave) Ext. 223 web page
Lauren Savage 6th Grade Mathematics Ext. 232 web page
Jennifer Scarfone 8th Grade Resource Room Ext 218 web page
Jaclyn Sidney 3rd Grade Ext. 222 web page
Cindy Snider 2nd Grade Ext. 203 web page
Catherine Scivetti 5th Grade Language Arts Ext. 224 web page
Georgette Toles 7th/8th Spanish Ext. 248 web page
Ladd Turner 7th/8th Grade Social Studies Ext. 234 web page
Stephanie Zagoric Preschool Classroom Aide    
Jaime Ziegler Kindergarten Ext. 219 web page