Boonton Township Public Schools

Rockaway Valley School
Phone 973-334-4162

11 Valley Road Boonton Township, NJ 07005
Fax: 973-316-6956


Building Access

Safety is our first concern at Rockaway Valley School.  Please follow these instructions when accessing the school building. 

Note:  The use of external drop-off bins is discontinued effective March 9, 2018.

Time Period

User Group


Prior to 7:30 AM

Extra help students, student group meetings, band

Students reporting for meetings or extra help periods that begin at or before 7:30 should be dropped off at the art room doors (large parking lot).

7:30 AM School Office Opens  

7:30 - 7:52 AM

Bus riders

Doors closest to the flag pole (business office).

Walkers/dropped off students

Doors from Glenbourne driveway or doors near art room (large parking lot).

7:52 AM – 2:30 PM

Late students

Must be buzzed through the main office to obtain a late slip.

Dropping off projects, lunches

Note: Use of external drop-off bins has been discontinued. Drop off forgotten items in the main office. Note that students 5th grade and older will not be called down for pickup. They are responsible for checking for their items.


All must report to the lobby and buzz in for admittance.

2:21 – 2:30 PM

Student pick-ups (via personal car)

Line up in the pick-up line in the parking lot and proceed forward when directed by the traffic attendant.  All students will be picked up by the art room doors in the large parking lot.

2:30 – 3:30 PM

Student pick-ups (Extra help, Homework Club, Scout groups, teacher meetings, etc.)

Through the office lobby system only.  Buzz for access.

4Kids Class pick-ups Via the "art room" door. The 4Kids Site Manager will direct you.

Homework pick-up

Buzz at the office lobby door to gain access to the homework table (until 3:30 PM only).

Sports events

Access will be through the doors nearest the larger gym (new wing doors).

3:30 PM School Office Closed  

3:30 – 9:30 PM

Pick up from extra-curricular and outside group participants.

Contact your group leader for specific instructions.  You will have to wait outside the designated exit for the group leader to bring participants down.

Kids’ Club pick-ups
(2:30-6:00 PM)

Use the Kids’ Club intercom at the "gym entrance" door (large parking lot) to alert staff that you are here to pick up students.

Arrival to later-starting activities

Use the door specified by the leader of your activity.  A custodian will admit the leader at the appropriate time.  A group member or leader will admit other participants.