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April 2016


April 5, 2016

7:00pm / RVS Library


Dr. Angelilo, Dawn McGinnis, Heather Hamman, Eve Fusco, Emily Trowbridge, Meghan Jantzen, Tammy Alofs, Nicole Borie, Andrea Honan, Christina Sanclimenti, Marguerite Yelpo, Sandra Fayo, Traci Rutt, Kim Forte, Sue Ananian, Nicoleta Pop


Superintendent’s Report:

Board meeting is cancelled tomorrow night (next meeting on April 20 th ), need to discuss three more unused days.  Instant alert on Thursday, giving back the next two days, Friday before Memorial day weekend and the Tuesday after.  The remaining unused day we are going to hold onto for another month.  In late April we will announce the last day to give back.  The very last day we would give back would be Wednesday June 1 st .  Tons of conflicts with giving that day back, 7/8 th grade exams.  Likely bringing up with board, potential of giving back Thursday before Memorial day weekend.  PARCC started this week for 7 th and 8 th graders.  Subsequent grades will take the PARCC test after spring break.  The 3 rd marking period ended today.  

Board Of Education Report:

Nothing to report

Teacher’s Report:

Art show is May 19 th , discussed opening it up to parent volunteers.  Perhaps an hour or two, need a few extra hands. 

Reading of the Correspondence:

Letter from Mrs. Allen, thanked us for the generous baby gift.    

Treasurer’s Report:

TD Bank Fund Raising Account - $30,700.53

BofA Operating Account - $4,400.52

BofA Games of Chance - $2,189.79


Membership :

Working on volunteer forms, need to spread the word for next year.  Getting kindergarten volunteer forms together for next month’s kindergarten registration. 

Cultural Arts:

Administration decided that we cannot fit in the author; rescheduling for the Fall.  Hip Hop show will take place on May 23rd.

Lunch Coordinator :

Nothing to report.

Lunch Volunteer/Snack Coordinator:

Larger lunch portions next year for grades 5 – 8?  It would be a 75 cent increase in the base price and would include a larger meal portion. Total would be $4.75.  This will be for the whole grades we choose w/o the option to size down. We have the option to "add an entree" at 1.50 extra now. 

Hospitality :

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon coming up in May, working on a date. 

Lower Grade Liaisons :

Field Day budget approval/summary.  Last year was 5K, trying to stay in that range.  Francie got quotes for inflatables, soccer star kick game, tattoo artist, break dancers.  Minimum amount of tshirts is 372 shirts.  Favoring the gray tshirt.  Can use yellow pinnies for teams.  $3.95 per shirt for gray shirt.  Will pay for the teachers tshirts who are part of field day.

Upper Grade Liaisons :

Field Day budget approval/summary; Also possible Grade Parents for 2016-2017 instead of Class Parents-5-7 th grades. 

8 th Grade Liaison:

Red carpet RVS Oscars theme.  They are doing a car wash on May 14 th at the school, 11-2.  May 26 th celebrity ice cream scooping at scoop house.  Part of proceeds will go to 8 th graders.  Friday May 13 th is mixer at Briarcliff. 


Scholarship for HS graduate from RVS going into Neighborhood News next month.  Will go into virtual backpack as well.  Hopefully comedy night/tricky tray will be in newspaper soon.

Library Liaison :

Book Fair set up: Friday, May 13th after school; Runs during school hours: May 16th-18 th ; Night hours: May 19 th  (6-8?); Pack up: May 20 th , **need volunteers**

Mountain Lakes Liaison :

No update.

Family Support :

No changes - Eggs are still being donated and food from the monthly collections are being given to the families.  Hope that once the RVS garden gets going we can offer the families some fresh grown goodies.

MAC Liaison :
3 on 3 went well.  Kids had a blast.  May mixer and planning on events for next year.

Positions up for election in May:

  • Membership – Traci Rutt is running
  • 8th Grade Liaison – Kim Forte is re-running
  • Hospitality – Sandy Fayo is re-running
  • Box Tops for Education – Helen Leba has offered to take over
  • Lower Class Liaison – Francie Cina is re-running w/  Nicoletta Pop
  • Library Liaison – Maureen Mulvaney is running
  • Treasurer – Ann Shannon is re-running
  • Vice President – Eve Fusco is re-running

Fundraising events for 2015-2016:  

  • Ice Cream Social – May 19th

1st Annual HSA Tricky Tray Event  March 5, 2016


Net profit from the event  $8930.17