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January 2016
HOME & SCHOOL AGENDA Tuesday, January 5, 2015 7:00pm/RVS Library

Attendance: Heather Hamman, Eve Fusco, Emily Trowbridge, Christina Sanclimenti, Meghan Jantzen, Sue Ananian, Andrea Honan, Kim Forte, Traci Rutt, Nicoleta Pop, Francie Cina, Ann Shannon, Grace McBride, Bonnie Tsilikos, Mrs. McGinnis, Dr. Angelillo.

Call To Order Superintendent’s Report: Dr. Angelilo thanked the parents for the holiday parties and efforts. Dates to keep in mind, January 15th lower grade night, 22nd hero dance, 29th talent show. January 23rd BTEF trivia night. Midterm exams in session for 7/8 graders-look at administratively, how to make them more authentic. Prepares kids to study for a major assessment. Would be nice to change the dates towards end of marking period as opposed to right after holiday break. District calendar is being approved for next year. Not much will change. March 18/19 state of NJ is running statewide makers day, to promote STEAM. There was an awesome STEAM activity before break, kindergarteners and 4th graders joined together for a fun gingerbread activity.

Board of Education Report: Kirsten Allen on maternity leave, February 3 to june 30th. Searching for placement. Michael Heller hired as girls basketball coach. 1st board meeting tomorrow evening at 7:30. Newly elected members sworn in.

Teacher’s Report: Story pirates coming back. Holiday parties were great, everything went well.

Reading of the Correspondence: Thank you card from Jamie Ziegler for teacher wish list. Ms. Kuhl thanked us for story pirates. Trimbles thanked HSA. Jan Vicavitch thanked HSA for spiritwear.

Treasurer’s Report: $9,572.53 (Bank of America) $2,777.52 (TD Bank) $478.79 (Game of chance) $4,718.88 (Paypal) $780.60 (Spiritwear) $671.00 (Roma) $1,539.21 (Square One) $404.80 (Box Tops)

Committee Reports Membership:

Cultural Arts-Authors/Shows: Story pirates will return on January 26th for the final show (will perform our students stories). Other shows-we are working on finalizing a date for a dance show and a potential author. Due to the NJ ASK we are limited on our available dates.

Lunch Coordinator:

Lunch Volunteer/Snack Coordinator: Everything is going well. Nancy wrote up instructions when the schedule changes, will post on My School Anywhere. Reiterated rules of lunch, kids do not grab their own lunch, volunteers physically hand the child their lunch. A donation of 50 Life double chocolate crunch cookies will be given out randomly at lunch tomorrow (with Jan's approval). If they "enjoy" them we may start to carry them as an allergy friendly baked good at the snack bar, at the request of a parent whose child has severe allergies. They do not contain any; wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, shellfish, artificial ingredients, trans fats or GMO's. They are gluten free, vegan and certified kosher and made w/o casein, sesame and sulfites.

Hospitality: Nothing to report.

Lower Grade Liaisons: Lower grade fun night is approaching, January 15th at 6:30pm.

Upper Grade Liaisons: Nothing to report.

8th Grade Liaison: Nothing to report.

Library Liaison: Book fair went well, $3,158.10 in scholastic dollars. Also, the library is looking for any volunteers to help shelve books on Monday and Tuesday afternoons.

Mountain Lakes Liaison: Mtn. Lakes has 4 open houses to recruit students. February 3rd, Dr. Mucci is having a brown bag get-together.

Family Support: Another successful giving tree-all tags were taken care of! Food baskets-3 families received wonderful groceries for the holidays. Teacher support-Jan, teachers and Administration took a cash collection for 3 families to use for the holidays. Eggs-our wonderful egg fairies continue to provide two of our families with fresh eggs every week. Petronino Family-Ellen Hardy and others have taken the lead on assisting, but we'll see if we can further assist. Food Donations-please remember to provide the food donations on school spirit days.

MAC Liaison: Diapers and everything dropped at North Porch, they were very thankful. YMCA night for 6th grade is January 30th, 7-9. 5th grade roller skating is February 27th.

Fundraising Events for 2015-16:

• Hero/Daughter dance-January 22nd. 80 people signed up as of this afternoon, hoping more to come. • Boosterthon-February 1st. • Comedy night-March 5th. Spread the word. • Romas dinners-2/24, 3/16, 4/20, 5/18 & 6/15