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June 2016


MONDAY, June 6, 2016 -- 7:00pm / Library  

Heather Hamman, Eve Fusco, Ann Shannon, Emily Trowbridge, Grace McBride, Dr. Angellilo, Dawn McGinnis, Andrea Honan, Sandra Fayo, Marguerite Yelpo, Meghan Jantzen, Kim Forte, Traci Rutt  


Superintendent’s Report:

Things are winding down. Please check website for various calendar events from now until the end of the year. First field day today for 4-6th grades, thanks to parents and volunteers. It was an enormous success, kids enjoyed themselves as well as the staff. STEAM has been a large initiative this year, a number of activities that coincide with STEAM will continue. Not just unique for 7/8 graders, will work towards other grades and embrace for next year. Graduation is June 21 st. If we have inclement weather, RVS will host it. There is no AC in the school, complicates the issue a bit. Will be held in the upper gym-seating capacity is 600. We have done dry runs, will be offering 7 tickets to each 8th grader. Tickets only need to be used if graduation is inside. Possibly broadcast graduation if there is an overflow. The ceremony will take 50 minutes. Thanked HSA for their support throughout the year.

Board Of Education Report:  

Debra Forsythe resigned. Lauren Laing is on maternity leave, expected return date September 5, 2017. Milk prices will be going up 2 cents. Board adopted final budget, about 14 million, local tax levy is 13 million. Final meeting will be held June 15th, 6:30pm.

Teacher’s Report:  

Field day went well, kids had a great time. Friday there was an assembly, "reduce, reuse, recycle." Kids enjoyed it and so did the teachers. Thankful for ice cream social and art show, thanks to all the volunteers. Appreciate all your support.

Reading of the Correspondence:

Several teachers wrote thank-you cards for the thoughtful teacher appreciation lunch.

Treasurer’s Report:  

Fundraising $24,586.68

Paypal $3,131.96

Operating $6,766.57

Games of chance $2,153.79  

Academic Excellence Awards - There is an Academic Excellence award presented by HSA at RVS graduation. As confirmed by the superintendent, it is for any student on high honor roll AND honor roll from 6th-8th grade. There are plaques that hang in the school with all the names engraved for each year. Eve has taken this over and the cost is approx $200 total including a new plaque... VOTE over email

COMMITTEE REPORTS (2-3 minute updates)

Membership :

Traci is in the process of going over everything with Tammy for next year.  

Cultural Arts:

Nothing to report.  

Lunch Coordinator :

VOTE over email to make Lunch one position.  

Lunch Volunteer/Snack Coordinator :

Larger lunch portions next year for grades 5 – 8? It would be a 75 cent increase in the base price and would include a larger meal portion. VOTE over email  

Hospitality :

First Thursday in September to provide luncheon for teachers? Graduation-provide water. Will not provide anything else.  

Lower Grade Liaisons :

Getting ready for lower grade field day Thursday.  

Upper Grade Liaisons :

Upper grade field day went well. Seemed to work well. Kids loved the dj and games.  

8th Grade Liaison :

Heading to DC Wednesday. Banquet planning going on. Class of 2017 is doing a blueberry fundraiser.  


Nothing to report.  

Library Liaison :

Raised $495.40 from book fair.  

Mountain Lakes Liaison :

Nothing to report.  

Family Support :

Nothing to report.  

MAC Liaison :

Scheduling for next year, rollerskating for 5th and 6th graders, and 7th as well. Vote to do $300 flat fee towards 7th grade picnic.

Fundraising events for 2015-2016:  

DONE for the year...looking forward to 2016/2017. Send HH ideas!

Up for vote:

1) Academic Excellence Awards - Placards for students who've maintained Honor and High Honor Roll for their entire 6th-8th grade years, as confirmed by the superintendent. And an addition of a new plaque since we've run out of room (for graduating classes of 2015 and 2016). Estimated value $200

2) Reallocate Lunch Coordinator, Lunch Volunteer Coordinator and Snack Coordinator one position of Lunch Liaison (with Nicole Borie holding this position)

3) Lunch for 6th, 7th and 8th grade increasing by $0.75 and in turn they'll receive a larger lunch portion. If voted yes, this will be not be an optional item but the only option for those three grades. If voted no, lunch will remain as it currently stands with no changes

4) Yearly donation of $300 towards the 7th grade picnic. Currently we host lower grade and upper grade field days and contribute to the 8th grade banquet, but the 7th grade picnic is fully sponsored by the class funds and parents. The $300 will go towards whatever that year's class parents decide and will not fluctuate with class sizes and/or any other factors.  

All four motions approved!