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May 2016


May 3, 2016

7:00pm / RVS Library


Heather Hamman, Eve Fusco, Emily Trowbridge, Grace McBride, Ann Shannon, Meghan Jantzen, Nicole Borie, Francie Cina, Bonnie Tsilikos, Kim Forte, Andrea Honan, Sue Ananian, Kim Sgro, Maureen Mulvaney, Traci Rutt, Sandra Fayo, Nicoleta Pop, Dr. Lendis, Ms. Kuhl


Superintendent’s Report:

PARCC testing has been going on since April 4 th. There was a disruption in testing on April 20th, so the makeup day will take place on May 9th. The 5th and 6th graders will also be testing on May 9th. Dr. Lendis recommended a great website,, road map that relates to testing. Looking how to enrich next years 8th grade math program. Kindergarten orientation will be in May, as well as NJ ASK testing. Looking forward to fun events in June, field day, etc.

Board Of Education Report:

After 35 years of teaching, Mrs. Lanigan has retired, effective June 30th. Board meeting tomorrow night at 7:30.

  Teacher’s Report:

Thank you for luncheon coming up Friday and tshirts for field day.

Reading of the Correspondence:

Implementing a new policy to send a card to new families moving to town.

  Treasurer’s Report:

TD Fundraising Account $31,764.00

Paypal Account $3,131.96

Bank of America Operating Account $7,053.63

Bk of America Games of Chance $2,171.79


  Membership :

Nothing to report.

  Cultural Arts :

Nothing to report.

  Lunch Coordinator :

Nothing to report.

  Lunch Volunteer/Snack Coordinator - Larger lunch portions next year for grades 5 – 8? It would be a 75 cent increase in the base price and would include a larger meal portion. Will vote at June meeting.


Teacher Appreciation Luncheon this Friday, catered by Sergio’s. Flowers will be given to secretaries.

  Lower Grade Liaisons :

Field day is approaching.

  Upper Grade Liaisons:

Field day is approaching.

8th Grade Liaison :

Car wash on Saturday, May 14th, 11-2. $5 for tickets.


May run scholarship article a second time.

  Library Liaison :

Book Fair during school hours: May 16th-18th; Night hours: May 19th

  Mountain Lakes Liaison :

Nothing to report. Lydia Petronino will take over the second half of the term since Bonnie is leaving.

  Family Support :

Once garden is up and flowing, give produce to families.

  MAC Liaison :

May mixer with Briarcliff on May 13th. Different options for collection that MAC Does, maybe pair up with inner city school for supplies.

  Fundraising events for 2015-2016:  

- Ice Cream Social – May 19th (6-8)…Need someone to lead this. Francie will consult with Curly's to get the ice cream and supplies. Bonnie will help with toppings. Need volunteers along with boys baseball team to scoop and serve ice cream.

  -$500 towards MLHS project graduation, approved.

-Boys baseball team-request for a new fence-$947.70, plus $200-300 for shipping. 300 foot size fence. Briarcliff will pay for half, we will pay half $650. Possibly store it at Briarcliff and talked to Mrs. Ellard. Voted and approved.

  2016 HSA Voting Ballot:

Vice President-Eve Fusco

Membership-Traci Rutt

Lower Class Liaison-Francie Cina/Nicoletta Pop (co-officer)

Treasurer-Ann Shannon

Library Liaison-Maureen Mulvaney

Hospitality-Sandra Fayo

8th Grade Liaison-Kim Forte