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October 2015


Thursday, October 6, 2015

7:30pm/RVS Library




Heather Hamman, Eve Fusco, Emily Trowbridge, Grace McBride, Ann Shannon, Keri Dodero, Kim Forte, Lucia Spina, Sandra Trimble, Christina Sanclimenti, Tammy Alofs, Meghan Jantzen, Nicole Borie, Kendra Schraufnagl, Bonnie Tsilikos, Sandra Fayo, Traci Rutt, Ann Bentrovato, Marguerite Yelpo, Kim Sgro, Dawn McGinnis, Dr. Angelillo.


Call To Order

Superintendent’s Report:

Dr. Angelillo suggested changing meeting time to 7pm. October 1st was the first spirit day and it went very well. The upperclassmen were quite involved and showed school spirit and pride. Naming the falcon and being the keeper of the falcon was a huge competition and success. He feels kids are more accepting and appreciative of one another. This week is the week of respect, everyone has been involved. He thanks the parents who have helped make the beginning of the year a success and have set a positive tone for the school year. October 12th is a delayed opening. October 28th and 29th are teacher conferences-half days, which is a change to the original calendar. November 4th is the last day of the first marking period. We are well under way with STEAM. October 12th is geared toward a presentation for the staff dealing with STEAM.


Board of Education Report:

Tuesday, November 3rd is election day. One open seat-third seat. October 7th and 21st are board meetings. No meeting on November 4th.


Teacher’s Report:

Three teachers are collecting candy for trunk or treat. Received email for teachers wish list.


Reading of the Correspondence:

Ms. Kuhl sent a card for presentation of “lets be friends.” Mrs. Esposito sent a thank you for the welcome lunch. Corde Reed sent a thank you for the gift and sympathy card for her father's passing. Diane Lorber is a grandmother so we will send a congratulatory card.


Treasurer’s Report:

$3,228.56 (Bank of America)

$404.76 (TD Bank)

$32.79 (Game of chance)


Committee Reports


Close to 300 families that have signed up for directory. About 35 families missing. Paypal has close to $5,000.


Cultural Arts-Authors/Shows:

Hoping to bring story pirates to RVS. Trying to get dates together. They are expensive, but fun for all ages and grades. Trying to get Lisa Reidy’s daughters' dance group to RVS. Possibly the Nutcracker in the spring? Andrea is working with hip hop instructor to possibly do a hip hop show as well.


Lunch Coordinator:

Shannon was not present. Simply Gourmet is going well. A few small complaints, but they have been receptive.


Lunch Volunteer Coordinator:

Everything is going well. Nancy wrote up instructions when the schedule changes, will post on My School Anywhere. Reiterated rules of lunch, children do not grab their own lunch, volunteers physically hand the child their lunch.



Nothing to report.


Lower Grade Liaisons:

Francie is not present. Nothing to report.


Upper Grade Liaisons:

Class parents have been assigned. Suggested putting $75 aside for end of the year picnic, etc.


8th Grade Liaison:

Yankee candle sales are out. Ends on October 16th. Can order online until January. Poinsetta sales are starting at end of November for December. Rafetta’s pasta will happen sometime in the winter. Regarding 8th grade party-total of 55 kids in the 8th grade, $450 dj, 68 people total, comes out to $43 per child. Total $2,316.60. Ann Shannon made a motion for HSA to cover $45 per student going forward.


Library Liaison:

Volunteers in place for reinforcement periods. November 25th setup for the book fair. Will take place in the library from November 30th to December 3rd.


Mountain Lakes Liaison:

Bonnie is trying to get a better understanding on the ML HSA and will get minutes in the future. Dr. Mucci is having a brown bag lunch/coffee to discuss and ask questions. Herd football is doing Roma’s dinner every Monday night.


Family Support:

Would love for HSA to donate sportswear to families-8 children. Have worked with green team and have given them fresh vegetables to two families. Will also have fresh eggs to give to families. HSA has done a basket in the past. The giving tree will be online, probably four families with ideas of gifts. Coat drive and boots will also take place.


MAC Liaison:

North porch, helps bridge the gap with families with children in which food stamps don’t cover. Food stamps don’t cover diapers. Locations in Dover, Hackettstown, Morristown. Going to run North Porch with every grade, each grade will be assigned an item. Diaper cream, wipes, diapers, baby food, formula, pullups etc. depending on grade. Collection dates will be October 19th to November 3rd. There will be a 7th and 8th grade dance on October 30th. Also, an event at the Y in January. And, a rollerskating event on February 27th.


New Business

Dare T-Shirts:

Mrs. Fudala would like dare tshirts-$350-375. Made a motion to accept ordering the tshirts.


Spring Event/Fundraiser:

To be announced.


More Fundraising Events for 2015-16:

KidStuff Books and Roma Dinners-sold 169 books, 40 outstanding. We get half the proceeds. Sold 27 Roma dinners, made $300. Will continue with the Roma dinners, October 21st, November 18th, and December 16th, will proceed once a month.

Charleston Gift Wrap-going out Friday 10/9, ends two weeks after start date.

ML Election Day Bake Sale & Spirit Wear-Around 70 orders. Will have numbers at next meeting. Pulled pork is on October 19th.

Square One Art-Finished last Friday, everything going well.

Gertrude Hawk Candy Sale-Ann Shannon will be in charge.


Halloween Tailgate:

Will be Friday, October 23rd and is hosted by the HSA and Rec. department. Need donation bin for candy. Kristen is asking for a set up crew. Will need mac and cheese and chili-volunteers. Possibly cooking hots dogs in advance in crockpots. HSA possibly help contribute to DJ-which is $595. Made motion to give $300 to help with dj. We will give a shout out to three cars who have best decorations.


There will be a pie sale for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 4 or 5 selections of pies from Hamilton Farms. Working out pricing.


Lucia Spina and Sandra Trimble suggested having a committee for fundraising, they will get some ideas and start reaching out the Kindergarten and 3rd grade families to start some fundraising efforts.


Next meeting will be at 7pm on November 3rd.